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Level 1: What is Analysis in Football?

An introduction to analysis: find out how it’s used at football clubs. Based on the experiences of expert analysts, the module takes you inside the dressing room after a goalless first half to see how the professionals use performance data.

Level 1: How is Data Used in Football?

An introduction to performance data: where it comes from and what it’s for

Level 1: Pathways into Football Analysis

Interested in a career in football analysis? We look at the main job roles within each pathway, what each job involves, and the skills it requires. Drawing on the career experiences of elite analysts, the module sets out the personal qualities needed to succeed.

Level 1: What is Performance Analysis in Football?

Drawing on the expertise of professionals from the Premier League and Championship, the module provides an insider’s view of the performance analyst’s work.

Level 1: Asking Performance Questions in Football

This module shares the expertise of analysts from the Premier League and Championship to show you what questions the professionals ask, and how they answer them. You’ll see how analysts make a vital contribution to their team’s performance on the pitch.

Level 1: Making the Most of Internships and Studentships

Learn how to find placements, apply successfully, and make the most of your opportunities
Opposition Analysis

Level 1: Opposition Analysis in Football

Performance analysts help their team prepare for each fixture by studying the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Drawing on the experience of analysts from the Premier League, the Championship and La Liga, this module shows you how the professionals analyse each upcoming opponent.
What is recruitment analysis

Level 1: What is Recruitment Analysis in Football?

This course introduces the essential knowledge you’ll need on the recruitment analysis pathway.  The module takes you through a player search in detail, using the industry leading data provider Wyscout to search for a new centre-forward. 
The Player Search

Level 1: The Player Search in Football

Carry out a data-driven search for talent with the industry leading data provider Wyscout. The module takes you through a player search in detail, using the well-known data provider Wyscout to search for a new centre-forward.
Video Scouting

Level 1: Video Scouting in Football

This level 1 module introduces the methods analysts use to assess players using video. You’ll learn how elite analysts in the Premier League and La Liga gain deep insights from key video clips.


Level 2: Creating Data Profiles in Football

The module covers the key statistical techniques and knowledge Premier League analysts use to identify technical, tactical, and psychological strengths in a performance dataset.


Level 2: Analysis for Player Development

Based on the experience of professionals from the Championship, the course sets out how elite analysts use data and video processes to support player development. You’ll learn how the academy structure shapes analysis with best-practice methods for player learning,


Level 2: Training Analysis in Football

Built on the expertise of experienced Championship analysts, this module explains how training works at professional clubs, and sets out how analysts can support effective training.


Level 2: Introduction to Space in Football Tactics

From channels to half-spaces, the idea of “space” is fundamental in football tactics. Learn how professional analysts and coaches see space on the pitch.


Post-Match Analysis in Football

Using an interactive exercise you will identify why your team is struggling to score. The course rounds off with an in-depth look at a post-match report, based on a real report drawn up by a Premier League analyst.



Introduction to the Recruitment Analysis Process in Football

Learn exactly what a recruitment analyst does at each stage of the analysis process, from defining the kind of player their club needs to finding and recommending exciting new talent. A final interactive exercise gives you the chance to make the case for data-based recruitment, advocating for data processes with an experienced scout.