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The Rise of Data Analytics in the MLS

Data has risen to the top in the MLS, who is now using it and what is the future for data in the MLS?
Analysing Football Tools

Working As An Analyst – Working Overseas

Like managers and players, analysts are now moving around the world to work with clubs, but what are the challenges for an analyst working with coaching staff in other countries?
Data Tools

How Do You Improve Football Performance Using Data?

Finding ways to improve performance is at the heart of football data analysis. Whether it’s in recruitment, at the training ground, or on the pitch, clubs are turning to data to help them make the most of their resources and give themselves a competitive advantage over their opponents.
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How Football Data is Used in the Media

Football data is now a big part of media coverage. We take a look at how data is used on TV and in newspapers.
Collecting football data

How to Become a Football Analyst

In some ways, football data analysis is really easy to get into. There’s lots of football data available online and it isn’t hard to find other analysts to connect with on social media. In this insight we look at some of the different skills and techniques that analysts use and the different jobs they are expected to do.
Football Analyst

What is the role of a football analyst?

Finding ways to improve performance is at the heart of football data analysis. Whether it’s in recruitment, at the training ground, or on the pitch, clubs are turning to data to help them make the most of their resources and give themselves a competitive advantage over their opponents.
Technical Scouting

What is Technical Scouting?

Technical scouting is the name given to the use of data to assess the ability of football players. Who is using it and why? 
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How Does The Premier League Collect Data?

How does the the Premier League collect data and what does it do with it? The Premier League is one of the leaders in data find out they collect it.
Possession Stats

How Is the Possession Stat Calculated In Football?

How Is the Possession Stat Calculated? Statistics are increasingly important in the Premier League with clubs, managers, analysts and players all using them – Possession stats are designed to show how much of the ball each team has enjoyed, but how is the possession stat calculated?
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AnalyiSport pledge to help more women become football performance analysts

In partnership with Women In Football, AnalyiSport will be providing free access to their learning pathway to three women pursuing a career in football performance analysis..
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How Does an Analyst Develop a Good Relationship with a Football Manager?

To have an impact on the team, an analyst needs to work well with the manager. A former Championship assistant manager shares his insights on how to develop this important relationship.
Manager Training

Why Is the Relationship between Analyst and Manager Important in Modern Football?

Managers now often have their favourite analysts who they bring with them to every club they work at. Why has the bond between analyst and manager become so important?
Free kick

The Long Read: The Development of the Free-Kick from Giuseppe Meazza to Gianno Vio

As Spurs bring in the great Italian coach Gianno Vio to revamp their set-pieces, we take a look at the development of the free-kick over the years, from individual geniuses to clever routines
Manger training

How Much Data Should You Present to Managers & Players?

With so much data collected in football, analysts have to be selective about what they share with coaches and players. But how much data should you put in a presentation?

The Former England International Who’s Now An Opposition Analyst

​​Not many former international players work in performance analysis, but Leanne Champ is one. Find out how she’s gone from being part of the England team to working as an opposition analyst at the FAWSL champions.
football books

Football Reading: Books & Magazines for Data & Performance Analysts

What books do Performance Analysts read? What should you be reading and what books are available from beginner to expert.
Collecting football data

How Can Fantasy Premier League managers use performance data?

if you read anything about Fantasy Premier League today, you will see performance metrics like ‘expected goals’ and ‘expected assists’ mentioned regularly. But how can managers get the best out of these new tools? And what are some of the common problems with the way they tend to be used?
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Stop Us If You Can: Sweden’s Own Analyst Releases Guide on How to Beat Them At UEFA Women’s Euro 2022

Sweden are among the favourites to win UEFA Women’s Euro 2022. So confident are they, their analyst Anders Eriksson has released a guide for their opponents on how to beat this talented Sweden side.
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How will Pep Guardiola turn Erling Haaland into a City striker?

Erling Haaland to Man City is likely to be the biggest signing of the summer, but there are lots of questions about how the marauding number 9 will fit into City’s intricate game. Our team explores the role City’s elite performance analysts will take in shaping Haaland’s play to Pep Guardiola’s demanding style.
Player Waiting to Take a Throw In

The Long Read – The Development of Throw-Ins

The Development of Throw-Ins “I am the first person in the world to always be thinking about throw-ins.” says Thomas Grønnemark. People are intrigued by what he does, because it’s part of the game that tends to be taken for granted.
premier league

What is it really like to work with a Premier League manager

Performance analysts work closely with managers and head coaches. As one Bundesliga analyst puts it: “coaches want analysts to be their second brain: they basically want them to have a very similar if not matching view of every game.”

How do you start a career in football : Paul Golah’s journey from QPR to SportRadar

Our free LinkedIn webinar series, Building a Career in Football, is a chance for current and aspiring analysts to hear from each other about working in the game.
football tactics

Where to Learn About Football Tactics Online

If you want to be a football analyst, you’ll need a deep understanding of tactics. But it’s not just for analysts.
Newcastle United

One of Newcastle’s Best Signings: Who is Mark Leyland?

One of Newcastle’s Best Signings: In December 2021, Mark Leyland joined Newcastle in the role of First Team Coach-Analyst. But who is Mark Leyland?
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Do Football Clubs Use Football Manager?

‘For years we’ve heard stories of real-life managers and scouts using our data to help with the recruitment process,’ says Miles Jacobson, Studio Director at Sports Interactive.

How to choose a football performance analysis degree course

If you’re thinking about a career as a performance analyst in football, the chances are you’ve had a look at the degree courses which offer a springboard into the role.
Data Insights

“What Can Data Do for a Football Club?” A Case Study of Brentford F.C.

Data analysis has been an important tool for Brentford, one of the weapons they have used to fight football’s Goliaths, but just as important has been the intelligent and pragmatic way they have used it.
How important is Home Advantage

How Important is Home Advantage When Playing Football Matches?

How Important is Home Advantage? It’s a commonly held belief that football teams are more likely to win if they’re playing at home.
xg insights

What is the Expected Goals (xG) Stat?

What does xG Measure? Essentially, expected goals is a calculation of how many goals each team or player ought to have scored in a game.
Anfield Stadium

Who Are Football’s Star Data Analysts

Who are the first names that spring to mind when considering who is responsible for the recent success of Liverpool? Jürgen Klopp? Mo Salah? Ian Graham?

Free Webinar – How to build a career in football: coaching, scouting and data

Do you want to work in football? The best place to start is a conversation with someone who’s built a career in the game.
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The Data Revolution in Non-League Football

Data analysis is changing football, in the semi-professional National League, the fifth tier of English Football and one step below the Football League, clubs have started to use data in their quests to win promotion.
MLS Soccer Clubs

How Is Data Used in the MLS?

Data is increasingly being use in the MLS? The USA is the home of data in sport, data analysis is currently transforming the way basketball is played, how is the MLS following?
premier league

How Is Data Used in the Premier League?

In this insight we look into how data is used in the Premier League?

How Football Clubs Use Data to Sign Players

In this insights post we will discuss how Football clubs are using data to help sign players.

How Is Data Transforming Football? The Complete Guide

In this insights post we will discuss how is data transforming football – The complete guide.

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