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How Data is Being Used in Injury Prevention in Football

Injury prevention has progressed rapidly in recent seasons as clubs have become increasingly aware of how much they can help alleviate risks to players. 
Football Analyst

Do Football Clubs Hire Data Analysts?

Data, or information, is important to businesses. The data that we all generate has a value to businesses and organisations and football is no different.
What is a football hackathon. Image of a computer generated football

What is a Football Hackathon?

Football and computer coding. What could these two have in common? Well as it turns out, football hackathons are increasingly popular and also leading to the development of new innovative solutions that could be the future of football.
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How Is Data Being Used at the CONCACAF Gold Cup

Held every two years to decide the best team of North America, Central American and the Caribbean how is data making a difference?
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How is Data used in the Vanarama National League?

Data analysis is becoming a crucial aspect of modern day football at all levels of the game and is now becoming increasingly prevalent within the National League.
Big Data in Football shown on a laptop screen

How is Big Data Used in Football?

Football clubs are looking towards the implementation of Big Data. It is being used for improvements not only pitchside but operational.
data led scouting - image of a football stadium with data and numbers over the top

How has data analysis transformed scouting in football?

Data analysis is changing the way scouting departments operate. How is data changing football scouting?
Image of football on a corner spot right next to the goal line - also showing the football goal.

What is Goal Line Technology? A brief history of GLT

Use of technology to provide fast and accurate decision making is a priority focus in the world of football.
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What is Concacaf?

What is Concacaf? As one of FIFA’s six continental governing bodies. They cover North and Central America and three nations from South America.
What is UEFA?

What is UEFA?

UEFA is the governing body of European football, but what do they do across Europe?
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How is data used in the Women’s Super League?

With increased funding, the Women’s Football is now able to invest more heavily in data analytics technology than ever before.
Collecting football data

How is data-driven scouting and recruitment used in football?

As the football industry continues to invest in data and technology, the area of scouting and recruitment is looking to data driven solutions.

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