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Our courses can help you build a career as an analyst, whether you’re just starting out or already working at a club.

They’re also a valuable resource for anyone who wants to understand the impact analysis is having on the game: coaches, players, journalists and fans.

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Our analysts work in the Premier League, the Women’s Super League, Serie A, Major League Soccer and many more.

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Our 30-minute standalone courses are available on demand, so you can choose what to learn, start right now, and study at your own pace.

Interactive courses make learning easy

Our courses allow you to practice as you learn, by taking on the tasks of a professional analyst at an elite club. We’ll never make you sit through a recorded lecture.

Flexible modular approach

Our flexible and customisable syllabus is built from standalone 30-minute courses. You can plug individual courses into your curriculum, or offer your students the freedom of our platform.

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We cover football analysis from just about every angle. You’ll find courses on performance analysis, player recruitment, working with coaches, tactics, data modelling, opposition analysis and much more. You can work through them in order or pick the topics that interest you.

Whatever knowledge you currently have! We offer three levels of content, to suit learners at different stages of their careers:

  • Foundation courses are suitable for total beginners: they start with the basics and build from there.
  • Professional courses are for people with some football experience: you might have a degree in a relevant subject, be interning at a club, or hold a coaching qualification. 
  • Expert courses are for experienced analysts and other football professionals looking to gain a competitive edge.

No. Our courses are fully interactive, giving learners the chance to practice their new skills as they learn. We combine text, graphics, audio, animation and gamification techniques to create immersive learning experiences. Unlike a lecture or a textbook, our courses engage every learning style.

Just sign up and pick a topic from our Courses page. You can work through the course, complete the assessment and access your completion certificate in your browser. Payment is per 30-minute module, so you’ll only pay for the knowledge you need. You can start right away.

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The current state of play

Our team provides news and insights from the cutting edge of football analysis.

The Rise of Data Analytics in the MLS

Data has risen to the top in the MLS, who is now using it and what is the future for data in the MLS?
Analysing Football Tools

Working As An Analyst – Working Overseas

Like managers and players, analysts are now moving around the world to work with clubs, but what are the challenges for an analyst working with coaching staff in other countries?
Data Tools

How Do You Improve Football Performance Using Data?

Finding ways to improve performance is at the heart of football data analysis. Whether it’s in recruitment, at the training ground, or on the pitch, clubs are turning to data to help them make the most of their resources and give themselves a competitive advantage over their opponents.
football cameras

How Football Data is Used in the Media

Football data is now a big part of media coverage. We take a look at how data is used on TV and in newspapers.