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Data analysis has created new opportunities for everyone involved in football. Our courses can help analysts, coaches, players and interns make the most of these opportunities.

The latest insights from the world’s top leagues

Our analysts work in the Premier League, the Women’s Super League, Serie A, Major League Soccer and many more.

Accredited professional development

Our CPD-accredited courses are delivered in standalone 30-minute modules, available on demand, so they fit into even the busiest schedules.

Flexible, practical learning for every pathway

Learners can customise their own learning journey, studying the topics relevant to their goals. All our courses focus on practical skills and real-world professional challenges.

Data analysis from scratch

Introductory modules ease beginners into topics like data, statistics, programming and machine learning.

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We offer our courses at three levels, to suit learners at different places in their careers:

  • Foundation courses are for total beginners: they’re ideal for young people thinking about a career in football, either as an analyst or in a related role like coaching or sports science.
  • Professional courses are for people with some football experience: they’re a valuable resource for interns or junior football professionals who want to deepen their understanding of analysis.
  • Expert courses are for people who already know how analysis works. They provide insight for football professionals who want to get more value out of analysis processes.

The topics we currently cover include performance analysis, recruitment analysis, opposition analysis, working with players and coaches, academy analysis, data modelling, statistics, using analysis software, and many more. You can see all our courses here

Our range is expanding all the time, and our goal is to cover every aspect of analysis in football. We’re also excited to develop new courses with our partners to suit their requirements.

Our courses work as a complete learning pathway. Beginners can start with basics and work their way up to professional level courses.

Every course and module can also be taken as a standalone, so more experienced learners can pick and choose the topics they need, or you can direct learners to the content you want them to cover.

See the full curriculum here.

No. Our courses are fully interactive, giving learners the chance to practice their new skills as they learn. We combine text, graphics, audio, animation and gamification techniques to create immersive learning experiences. Unlike a lecture or a textbook, our courses engage every learning style.

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The current state of play

Our team provides news and insights from the cutting edge of football analysis.

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How Are Data and Analysis Used in Serie A?

Serie A is one of the most famous leagues in the world, but in the past decade Italian clubs have struggled on the world stage. With the help of data analysis, that may be about to change.
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How Data Is Transforming the Way Football Clubs Recruit Non-Playing Staff

Data has created new non-playing roles and opportunities to work in the game for people with no previous experience working in professional football.
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How Are Data and Analysis Used in the Bundesliga?

In the Bundesliga, Germany’s top division, clubs are investing in new ways to make data and video analysis more accessible to their players.

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