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The current state of play

Our team provides news and insights from the cutting edge of football analysis.

Collecting football data

How is data-driven scouting and recruitment used in football?

As the football industry continues to invest in data and technology, the area of scouting and recruitment is looking to data driven solutions.
Person using laptop and computer to search for a job

AnalyiSport Guide – Where can I find jobs in football?

The digital transformation of the football industry had led to to a whole new of jobs in football, but where can you find them?
Manger training

Do Football Scouts Get Paid

Being a football scout is one of the most exciting jobs in the game and it’s becoming more accessible. Find out what it means to be a scout in modern football.
The Flag of Greece

How is data used in the Super League Greece?

Like many other nations, Greece is obsessed with football. How is data now being used across Greece?