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Our courses are designed to complement degree programmes in performance analysis and other football-related subjects. With a focus on cutting-edge industry knowledge, our courses can enhance students’ employability and ease their transition into the professional game.

Insights from the world’s top leagues

Our analysts work in the Premier League, the Women’s Super League, Serie A, Major League Soccer and many more.

Up-to-the-minute expertise

We release new courses all the time, and constantly update our content to reflect the current state of play in a fast-moving sport.

Interactive digital learning experiences

Drawing on pedagogical theory and learning technology, we create empowering resources which engage the full range of learning styles.

Flexible modular approach

Our flexible and customisable syllabus is built from standalone 30-minute courses. You can plug individual courses into your curriculum, or offer your students the freedom of our platform.

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Yes. Each of our courses confers one CPD point, awarded by the UK’s oldest and most trusted CPD accreditation body.

Built-in interactive assessments allow you to monitor your students’ progress and engagement levels.

We offer our content at three levels, to suit students at different stages:

  • Foundation courses are suitable for total beginners: they might help ease a student into an undergraduate programme
  • Professional courses are for people with some football experience: second- and third-year undergraduates, graduate students and students with a background in professional football
  • Expert courses are for experienced analysts: they’d be a valuable careers resource for graduates

Our courses work as a complete learning pathway. Beginners can start with basics and work their way up to professional level courses.

Every course and module can also be taken as a standalone, so more experienced learners can pick and choose the topics they need, or you can direct learners to the content you want them to cover.

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If you have any other questions…

The current state of play

Our team provides news and insights from the cutting edge of football analysis.

football players celebrating

How Long is a Football Match?

Be it a roller-coaster ride or a bit of snoozer, it’s generally accepted that a game of football will last for 90 minutes. And, it’s been this way since 1866.
the number three on a white background

What Is a Hat Trick in Football and Its Significance as a Dream Achievement!

Dive into the thrilling world of hat tricks, where we uncover the history, significance, and unforgettable moments that these three-goal feats contribute to the tapestry of football and beyond.
Analysis data graphic of a football player

Unlocking Victory: Why Football Clubs Must Teach Players About Data

Football is entering a new era, powered by data analytics. This revolution is changing the game for teams, players, and fans alike.

What is The IFAB – The International Football Association Board

What is The IFAB – The International Football Association Board (IFAB) stands as the guardian of football’s laws, shaping the universal regulations that govern the world’s most beloved sport.