Where Can I Find Football Jobs On The Internet?

If you are looking to get a job in football there are now hundreds of platforms where you can now look for a job. 

You’ll find that clubs have their own job and recruitment website where they regularly advertise opportunities. This will normally be all of the available jobs within the organisation so you’ll get a really good idea of what types of jobs are available within each club. Clubs will post full details of the job, role, salary and how to apply for the job. Being able to apply direct is the most effective way to apply for the jobs within a specific club. 

The functionality within each club job website does vary, so you might need to create a profile to apply for a specific job, but once you have a profile you might be able to set up specific job alerts that will email you any new opportunities. 

Don’t forget that club job opportunities regularly change. If you can’t set up an email alert that you need to come back to the website to see if there are any new opportunities. It is best to bookmark the websites of clubs that you are interested in. 

Football Organisations

Organisations like FIFA, UEFA, The Welsh FA and The English FA all have their own job portals where they advertise their current vacancies. You’ll be able to visit their website and find out details of new positions and apply directly. 

We’ve created a list of all of the club job websites lists including club, organisations and several media and specific jobs sites so that you can find what you are interested in and apply directly. Check our our complete list of football job website list 

Football Analytics Companies

As data is increasingly used in football companies like StatsBomb, WyScout,  Football Radar and Stats Perform are regularly looking for people to join them. They all have job boards on their website and you’ll need to visit regularly to see what opportunities that they have available. Most of the main data companies are looking for new staff on a regular basis. 

You can also check on new companies and start up companies to see if they are looking for new employees. Check out LinkedIn groups and sign up for football newsletters so you are aware of what is happening in the football industry.

Football Recruitment Sites

There are several specific football recruitment websites that focus on football jobs. You can search for a range of football specific jobs across a range of roles and from companies and clubs. Jobs in football and Jobs4Football regularly post available jobs. 

You can also search job websites like Indeed and Reed for football sites. Clubs and organisations will post positions using traditional platforms. You can easily set up email alerts for key words on most job platforms so you can be notified when specific roles became available.


Most of us get a lot of email! However you might want to consider signing up for some football newsletters. There are a small number of football job newsletters, one in particular if freelance football opportunities that posts specific football opportunities. You can also sign up for the AnalyiSport Newsletter – we sometimes post details of jobs. 


You don’t need to be connected to everyone in football to find out about job opportunities in football. If you start building your network you should start seeing jobs that get re-posted. You can also join specific football groups where jobs get posted. 

You can also use LinkedIn to search for any specific #hashtags that are being used to advertise specific football jobs like #footballjobs. LinkedIn can be a great place to look for football jobs as staff within a club might post specific jobs – you might need to be looking but it’s a good idea to keep scanning the platform for possible roles. 

What’s next?

There are a huge number of platforms available where jobs are now posted and there are a wide range of positions available both in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Clubs and organisations are now widely advertising their positions with job descriptions, role profiles, salary details and how to apply.

You need to make sure that you are in a position to apply with an updated profile/CV and if needed portfolio. You might want to consider updating your LinkedIn profile and ensure that you have an email account that works and you can use for your professional work.

Once you have everything in place it makes sense to track all of the applications (use a spreadsheet). You can then make sure that you know what you have applied for in case you get contacted, it isn’t a great look if you can’t remember what you’ve applied for. When you have all of your applications you can take time to review and look for any possible improvements in your CV and application process if you need to.

There will be lots of people applying for each position and competition will be fierce so consider this during the process. Be kind to yourself if you are not successful!

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