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Level 1 Course Bundle

This bundle includes all the Level 1 courses and they can be completed as standalone courses. On completion you can download your certificates and get your CPD points.

Level 1: Introduction to Analysis in Football

New to data and analysis in football? Start here and learn how it is changing the game. Learn from experts working in football.


Level 1: Foundation in Performance Analysis in Football

This course introduces the key skills and knowledge you’ll need and how it’s done in professional football. We’ll end by looking at a real example of successful analysis from a Premier League club.


Level 1: Foundation in Recruitment Analysis in Football

This course includes interactive exercises based on examples from top-flight football, put you in the position of a professional, using your new knowledge to help you identify the right players. You’ll explore how elite analysts make the most of powerful data tools to find talent.


Level 2: Key Processes in Performance Analysis in Football

Building on the Level 1 Foundation in Performance Analysis, this course introduces three of the most important performance analysis processes, carried out at every top-flight club.


Level 2: The Recruitment Analysis Process in Football

Building on the Level 1 Foundation in Recruitment Analysis, this course sets out the best-practice methods used in elite-level recruitment analysis


Level 2: Performance Analysis Tools in Football

Learn best practice for working with key analysis devices


Level 2: Understanding Data in Football

Learn through Interactive examples how professional analysts apply statistical modelling to real footballing scenarios. Designed by experts who have worked in Ligue 1, Bundesliga and a leading statistician from the University of London.    


Level 3: Working with Players and Coaches in Football

Learn how elite analysts work with their clubs’ key footballing personnel