Free Online Football Course

Free Online Football Course

How is Data Used in Football is now available on the AnalyiSport website as a free online football course for you to use. This is the full version of the course that has been developed by football experts for you. The course complex complete with a certificate of completion and is CPD accredited by The CPD Certification Service. The world’s leading and largest independent CPD accreditation institution.

Download Your Certificate

When you have completed the How is Data Used in Football course you can immediately download your PDF certificate. There is no need to wait for your certificate to be posted. Complete the assessment and the certificate is ready for you to download. 

If you need to download a copy in the future you can simply login into your dashboard and you can download another copy of the certificate. 

Is the course really free? 

Yes. The course is completely free at the time of writing. Please note that we do reserve the right to start charging for the course in the future so sign up quick!

How do I sign up for the course? 

You need to visit the How is Data Used in Football page and complete the checkout process. The price for the course is currently £0 so you can checkout without having to provide any payment details. When you have gone through the checkout form you will then have access to the course and you’ll also have an AnalyiSport account. 

How can I find out about future offers

You should sign up for our newsletter to make sure that you get all of our latest offers and news. You can also follow us on LinkedIn or on Twitter

We regularly post across information on football analytics, performance analysis and data and how to get a job in football on these three platforms. Sign up today to make sure that you get the latest information. 

Who is the course for? 

Anyone can take the course. You don’t need to have a background in football. This is an introduction to How Data is Used in Football. If you have a background in football then some of the terms used might be familiar but a specific football background isn’t required. 

The course has been designed for people from all sectors, industries and backgrounds to be able to take the course and understand How Data is Used in Football. This is a Level 1 course and is an introduction to some of the concepts that you might come across later if you complete some of our other courses or do other courses in this area.

It’s the perfect starting point if you’re especially interested in the data side of analysis. Whether you’re a budding data analyst, a journalist looking to incorporate more stats into your work or a coach who wants to reap the benefits of performance data, this module will point you in the right direction.

What does the course cover?

This free online football course covers the following: 

  • What exactly “data” is
  • Why it’s useful
  • The meaning of key data analysis words and phrases
  • The different types of football performance data
  • How statistical modelling is used in football
  • The tools analysts use to work with data

Who wrote the course?

The information within the course was provided by a group of analysts with experience in the Premier League, the Women’s Super League, the Championship and the Bundesliga.

Our award-winning content team worked closely with the analyst group to create a fully-interactive course based on their expertise. Our content team are not only football fans: we have years of experience creating digital learning for football professionals.

The course has been designed and developed by our award winning elearning team who have won over 15 awards in the last year. AanalyiSport Courses have won 3 Hermes creative awards in the last year

I’m interested in football scouting. Will this course be of interest to me? 

If you are looking for a free online football scouting course this course might be of interest to you! We look at the data side of analysis and you might be starting to look at how data is used in performance analysis, recruitment analysis and your scouting work? 

An introduction to How Data is Used in Football, this Level 1 course is an ideal starting point and will certainly help you understand how data is used and might provide new insights into how data could help you when scouting


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