We are looking for football writers

Our ever-growing elearning catalog includes courses on data analysis and performance analysis in football. We have developed award winning courses that are now used worldwide.

A few things we appreciate the time it takes to apply but…

Please read the spec – there is a lot of detail here
We are looking for a writer with a background in football – please ensure that you match the brief
We won’t be jumping on a 20 minute call
No agencies please
Freelancers only

From £15 per hour


What we’re looking for
We need a writer with the proven ability to digest complex material and turn it into accessible, polished long-form text.

What you’ll be doing
You will be responsible for writing complete articles (750-1500 words) on topics relating to data analysis in football. You will be provided with an outline brief you’ll also be provided with a style guide.

The role requires:

Conducting your own research to understand and contextualise this material
Organising the material into a lucid, logical structure
Writing the course in the house style and tone
Receiving and implementing feedback on an initial draft
Turning in an immaculately error-free and plagiarism-free final version

You must have:

  • Experience producing long-form content (min. 2,500 words): white papers, research reports, bids, substantial thought leadership articles etc.
  • An undergraduate degree or Master’s degree in an academic subject, or a professional track record of turning substantial research notes into polished writing.
  • An interest in sport

Working arrangements

This is a freelance position. You’ll need to suitable hours available for the duration of the writing assignment to deliver each week. We might need one article a week, it might be three. We’ll agree this each week.  You’ll need to deliver the article/s within the agreed deadline.


Example articles titles are:

How is Artificial Intelligence being used in football?

How is data being used in the Eredivisie?

Why is data driven recruitment becoming so important? 

To apply, please send:

  • Your CV
  • A covering letter
  • One writing sample: at least 1000 words of informative writing

Please apply to [email protected]

Please note that if you can’t provide a suitable example we can’t review your application in full.


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