Free Webinar – How to build a career in football: coaching, scouting and data

This series of webinars is your chance to talk with performance analysts, technical scouts and other football pros. Our experts, some up-and-coming and others at the top of the game, will tell you how they built their careers. You’ll have the chance to ask them questions and get their advice.

This month, we’re featuring Paul Golah. Currently an analyst with SportsRadar, who provide data services to the Bundesliga, Paul helped Queens’ Park Rangers bring data into their scouting process and coached at Fulham while working towards his UEFA B licence.

Paul will be talking to Rory Attwood, AnalyiSport’s Head of Content, who brings insights from hundreds of conversations with football professionals, as well as from overseeing AnalyiSport’s careers courses.

They’ll be talking about:

*How to get a foot in the door at a club
*Making the most of internship opportunities
*Why a little bit of data know-how goes a LONG way
*Working at a club
*The value of coaching badges and Master’s courses
*Opportunities beyond the club environment
*And much more…

Places are limited, so sign up now to secure yours. We’re also giving everyone who attends a 25% discount on their first AnalyiSport course.

We will provide the link a day before the event. If you have any questions please let us know.

To reserve you place book at our event page

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