Finding Football Jobs on LinkedIn

Finding football jobs on LinkedIn 

There are more and more football jobs available online, increasingly jobs and positions are posted on LinkedIn and are quickly reposted in groups and by people. LinkedIn has become a great platform to find and stay up to date with the current job opportunities in football. Word quickly spreads when a new job is posted and it quickly gets reposted when advertised. 

Football clubs and football organisations are advertising for a wide range of positions. You will not only see job positions for analysts, scouts and coaches but also operational positions and business areas like marketing, sales, finance, data and more. Don’t think that Linkedin is a just a place for analysts and scouts, it is a platform where a whole set of job roles are posted.

LinkedIn, a platform for networking and career development, is home to many analysts and football professionals working in the game as it allows them to make connections quickly and easily. If you are new to the football industry you can also make connections quickly and effectively. 

Update your Profile

Ensure you regularly update your LinkedIn profile and that it is also accurate. If you do use your profile for recruitment purposes it will be checked so ensure that everything you include checks out! As you gain new qualifications and experience ensure that you add this to your profile. You can also add new connections and look for new groups that will help you build your profile and your network of contacts. 

Post your own profile

It is helpful to post and share your own content. It can be daunting to start posting your own content. Think about the content that you would like to read. It helps to prepare a draft of the content before you click post! If you have a specific interest you can also post about this and you’ll find that you develop a following with people interested in your content and expertise. 

Don’t worry if your posts get thousands of likes or comments. Your posts will stay online. The key is to be consistent and to keep posting with new and interesting content. It doesn’t always need to be long posts or reviews, it might be a piece of content that you’ve found and you’d like to share with other people. If you are sharing content with others make sure that you reference the original post or content provider. 

Finding Experts

You’ll quickly find that LinkedIn is home to many experts from football and other sports. You can quickly find specific interest groups that you can network with and learn from their expertise. If you look through LinkedIn you’ll also find webinars and live events that you can take part in. 

Experts from various sectors will often take part in webinars and this is a great chance to listen and watch them speak. Often you’ll also get the chance to ask a question or participate in the webinar. The great thing about LinkedIn is that you can also find about webinars that are taking place worldwide. Don’t forget to look out for other webinars that are taking place in other countries, this provides you with new opportunities to network with other professionals in different countries.

Building your own plan

With Linkedin being the home of so many football professionals, clubs often advertise roles directly on Linkedin and allow you to apply through the site. You’ll also find that club employees will also post details of club opportunities through their own accounts. 

If you are on LinkedIn it is easy to get lost with the vast amount of posts that you can receive each day. It helps to have a strategy if you are looking for jobs and work out how much time you should spend each day A few tips are: 

– Search using #hashtags 

– Join football specific groups

– Follow or connect people who post jobs from their clubs

– Follow accounts that post jobs


You might find it useful to log your activity on Google Sheets or Excel. You can record the jobs that you’ve found and applied for – it does help to look back and see what jobs you’ve found and how many jobs you have applied for. 

A simple record lets you keep track of how many days you are looking for jobs and helps build it into your weekly routine. You can then plan to do your job search at the same time each week, some people do this as it helps them to be more efficient. 


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